Transfee Basics

How it works
Transfee provides four options
that satisfy the needs of all users:
Sending Money

Transfee users can now send money directly using our app or website from anywhere around the world to anyone in more than (a number of) supported countries. The person receiving the money can then use the app or website to transfer money to his/ her bank account or to any other card or account owned by the user.

Receiving Money

You can now receive money as Transfee credit. Transfee will not charge for your account. It will only charge you or the sender a small percentage for each transaction made. Once you have Transfee credit in your account, you can transfer the money to your bank account or to any other card or account owned by you in just a few minutes.

Borrowing Money

Transfee works to connect users wishing to borrow money with other users who act as money investors from around the world. This enables users who want to borrow money to benefit from money borrowing that is made simple, easy, and fast without the need to wait for bank approval of money borrowing and without having to domesticate their salary in any bank, pay high amounts of bank interest rates, or go through any such ordeals.

Lending Money

We allow any user wishing to invest in an extra source of income or to invest in money lending as a main source of income to connect with users to lend them money in exchange of a solid profit or return. Money lenders can specify their own interest rates, payment duration, and payment deadline. Loans are provided via...., a secure source for money lending. This guarantees that the rights of money lenders are maintained.

Membership & Fees

Our aim is to make sure that our users fulfill their needs of money lending, borrowing, and sending to improve their personal and business activities. We do so by providing users with the privilege of enjoying a free user account that provides a safe and simple way to perform money transactions. Your free user accountallows access to all services; it includes a percentage fee for every transaction made according to our fee chart (check the “Fees” section). We work hard to provide a free account for all users. As a Transfee user, you will benefit from a simple dashboard to view, edit, and print transactions, a chat interface to send money while chatting or video conferencing (when you download the Mr.Ious App), and a simplified contact list to view details of contacts.

For Lenders
  • Personal loans with Transfee can reach up to ……………………$.
  • Money is received in a few days.
  • Fixed monthly payments are selected by client.
For Borrowers
  • Returns that vary from ………% to ……..%.
  • Monthly cash flow can reach up to ……..%.
  • Solid monthly returns on investments.


Identity Verification
Transfee requires a verification of your account before you start enjoying our services. The reasons for this process are:
  • To identify whether there are any linked or duplicate accounts;
  • To determine if there are any accounts with suspicious or high-risk activities;
  • To insure that lenders pay back the borrowed money;
  • For any other reasons that Transfee might find inappropriate or noncompliant to Transfee’s policy.
Verification Process

To verify your identity, Transfee requires you to sign up with your phone number and email address, which will be associated with your account and linked to each other. Users are not allowed to have more than one email associated with one phone number or vice versa. This is to insure no fake or duplicate accounts are being created by users.

Account Deactivation

You should clear all outstanding operations before closing your Transfee account. Once you close your account, you will no longer be able to retrieve your old account back.
To close your account, you should:

  • Insure that all your payments have been made, received, or sent.
  • Click settings > profile > account information >close my account.
  • Click “confirm” to close your account.
  • If you meet all the requirements, an email and a one-time verification code will be sent to your phone.
  • Confirm deactivating your account.


Borrowing Money
Borrowing Conditions

Transfee works on maintaining the rights of money lenders and borrowers. To secure that money is paid back on time to money lenders, Transfee needs to verify that anyone who wants to borrow money satisfies the following conditions to qualify for a loan:

  1. Minimum loan amount: ………$.
  2. Minimum and maximum loan term: as specified by loaner.
  3. Should be 18+ years old to get loan.
  4. Should have a valid & verified linked bank account.
  5. No security deposit is required.
  6. Loan is confidential and secure.
Borrowing Process

Obtaining a loan is very easy and simple with Transfee. All you have to do is follow these steps:

  1. Apply online It takes a few steps to apply for a Transfee loan online through filling your basic personal information and reasons for borrowing money.
  2. Select loan details Review the loan details and select the amount, interest rate, monthly payments, and deadline that suit you most.
  3. Obtain money
Lending Money
Loan Conditions
To lend money, users must satisfy the following conditions:
  1. Minimum lending amount: ………..$
  2. Maximum interest rate allowed: ………..
  3. Should be 18+ years old to lend money.
  4. Should agree to Transfee’s Terms and Conditions before lending money (read “Terms and Conditions”).
Loan Process
To invest using Transfee, users must follow these steps:
  1. Apply online :- You can apply to be an investor with very simple steps online. All you have to do is fill your basic personal information.
  2. Obtain approval for investment :- After you pay online, Transfee will give you approval for being an investor based on your personal details. Transfee will also specify the interest rate that you are eligible to.
  3. Earn solid income :- As borrowers start to pay for their loans, investors will gain monthly profit based on their investment rate. Transfee’s fees are deducted from monthly payments.
Sending Money

Money transfer is made very simple and easy. Just follow our simple steps and you’re set to transfer money anytime, anywhere, and everywhere. Money transactions are 100% secured and encrypted. We have many options that are designed for your convenience. You can send money with the following options:

  • To a local or international bank account This option enables you to safely and reliably send money to any bank account, whether nationally or internationally. Pay money for online purchase, for an online business, or for any other reason without having to worry about theft of your bank account or revelation of your bank account details to a third party. This option is provided for both our Basic Account and Premium Account owners.
    To perform this operation, you should follow these steps:
    1. Inside your Dashboard, you will find the “send money” option. Click on it.
    2. You will be able to select from “send to bank” or “send to Transfee account”
    3. Select the “send to bank” option
    4. Now, you are prompted to select the kind of bank. Select “national” or “international”
    5. Enter the recipient’s IBAN and Swift code and click proceed
    6. E-sign the operation and enter the one-time verification code sent to your phone
    7. You will receive a confirmation message and email. Also, this transaction will be added to your dashboard where you can view and print it.
  • Directly to your recipient’s Transfee account With this option, you can send money as credit to another Transfee account. This option provides you and the user with the convenience and protection of a secured application that enables money transfer with a click or touch of the phone in the convenience of your home, job, or even vacation getaway. Transfee users will then be able to exchange money from and to their application very easily with simple money management tools.
    To perform this operation, you should follow these steps:
    1. Inside your dashboard, you will find the “send money” option. Click on it.
    2. You will be able to select from “send to bank” or “send to Transfee sccount”
    3. Select the “send to Transfee account” option
    4. Now, you are prompted to select details of the recipient. Select appropriate details and click proceed
    5. E-sign the operation and enter the one-time verification code sent to your phone
    6. You will receive a confirmation message and email. Also, this transaction will be added to your dashboard where you can view and print it.
    7. The recipient will also receive a confirmation email and message. The transaction will be added to the recipient’s dashboard.
Receiving Money

Money recipients can receive money from another Transfee user through their bank account or their Transfee account. If users select the second option to receive money, other users can send them money through filling their basic information in the “send money” option in the dashboard. Once money is received, a confirmation email and message are sent. The user’s dashboard will also be automatically updated with transactions. Users can view or print the contents of the simple dashboard.



Transfee’s features focus on usability and safety of international money sending, lending, and borrowing. Financial difficulties are history when you use the Transfee smartphone application. Our especially skilled team of software engineers and computer specialists have brainstormed several ideas to come up with Transfee. The result is an application thatoffers you a functional and integrated solution for the best money lending, borrowing, and sending experience. The Transfee platform is easily customizable for your needs. Our features are integrated in a platform that offers the most affordable money transfer options out there.
Transfee’s features are limitless. Users enjoy a variety of features such as the following:

  1. Transfer & transactions of money (sending & receiving money online)
    Transfee allows its clients to enjoy many services like:
    • Bill payment
    • Mobile top-up
    • Currency exchange
    • National and international remittance
    • Mobile wallet/ internet wallet
    • Prepaid voucher
    • Branchless banking
    • SMS banking
  2. Lending & borrowing online
    You can borrow money or lend money online without having to worry about down payments, salary restrictions on borrowing, delay in loan approval, or high interest rates. Transfee provides you with the option of lending money without the need to resort to banks. Transfee provides you with many easy options for money lending money to other users and investing in money lending to obtain a solid income.
  3. Compliance
    Transfee provides history of sent, received, and borrowed amounts. Our application also allows you to fully determine the transaction, interest, payment time, deadline, and all payment information.
  4. International Payment Support
    We are aware of the international nature of businesses in this century. We want users to be able to expand their business worldwide. This is why we provide our users with international support that allows you to benefit from transactions made for over 200 countries around the world. With Transfee, you are able to expand your work around the world and gain international recognition.
  5. Flexible & Customizable Dashboard
    • View Transaction History for Transfee
    This feature allows you to view all previous transaction details for Transfee.
    • You will be able to view all details about Transfee transactions including the recipient’s name, basic account information, type of transaction (transfer to bank or transfer to Transfee account), status of the transaction, interest rate, remaining interest amount, deadline for Transfee payment, and so on.
  6. View or Deleted Outdated Transfee Transactions
    This feature gives you the option to view and delete transactions which have been fully paid from your Transfee dashboard.


Fraud Awareness

Shockingly, statistics have revealed that you are 20 times more prone to be a victim of cyber-crime than street crime. Even the computer savvies are at this risk. To avoid being the victim of cyber-crime, you have to be very careful about the warning signs of fraud. To avoid this risk, follow these steps to protect yourself:

  1. Only use Transfee to send, receive, and borrow money. Do not send money directly to someone you don’t know well, especially someone that you haven’t seen in person before.
  2. Don’t send money for any purchases that you have performed online on sites that you don’t know.
  3. Be aware of scams to claim lottery, prizes, charity donations, and similar matters.
  4. Don’t send money for a property deposit.

Transfee is not responsible for any refunds, even if they were proven to be a scam. To help protect yourself, you should be careful about who you send money to.